This is the website for the North Norfolk Reed Cutters Association, the organisation that represents the cutters that manage the reed beds of the North Norfolk Coast and the Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association which represents cutters working in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

Cutting the Reeds with a machine Cley Wndmill
Reed Cutters on the Marshes

There is a history of reed cutting along the North Norfolk coast that goes back centuries with reed cutting playing a very important part of the longshore economy. This seasonal work helped to bring in much needed income during the harshest time of the year when rough seas meant dangerous fishing and there was not much work on the land. Similarly in the Broads, reed cutting was one of the very few opportunities to obtain income locally during the winter months.

The Reed cutting industry survives to this day, with reed cutters a regular sight along the marshes of North Norfolk and throughout the Broads during the winter cutting season.

Most of the current North Norfolk cutters started their cutting career at Cley on the Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve before branching out and restoring other beds along the coast. Now reed is again being cut at many different sites along the coast as it was in the past.


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This webside, essential equipment for The North Norfolk Reedcutters Association, including a cutter, quad bike and trailer, and two display boards were made possible by a grant from the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund.

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Support was also provided by the Norfolk Rural Community Council.

The Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association have had funding from the Broads Authority administered Sustainable Development Fund and also from the Broads and Rivers Leader+ Programme

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The Prince's Countryside Fund is supporting a 3 year project, "Securing Futures: Broads Reed & Sedge Cutters" which will provide funding for training our younger members and some equipment to improve access.

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Brasca is pleased to have received 1,200 funding towards the purchase cost of 30 mats from Love the Broads (lovethebroads.org.uk). The 8ft x 4ft mats will assist with light weight machinery access over boggy ground. Love the Broads is the Visitor Giving Scheme for The Broads. It aims to inspire people to care for the environment through making a small donation at key tourism sites, through their accommodation provider or by giving directly. The money is collected by the Broads Trust in a variety of ways and given to projects that will look after the landscapes and environment of the Broads.